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Gentari is an independent clean energy solutions entity founded by PETRONAS to focus fully on delivering clean energy solutions and to capture opportunities in the energy transition.

A combination of the English word GENERATION and the Bahasa Melayu word of LESTARI, which means "sustainable".

Together the words capture the essence of our purpose and offerings, providing the world with sustainably generated and responsibly sourced energy that allows society to change how it lives today and progress into the future.

What does Gentari do?

Gentari offers clean energy solutions through three initial core pillars – Renewable Energy, Hydrogen and Green Mobility - forming a portfolio of solutions cutting across the electron value chain to help customers achieve net zero emissions.

Gentari aims to be Asia Pacific’s most valued provider, creating greater value, connecting businesses, and making the journey to net zero simpler.

What are Gentari's ambitions?

Empowering net zero ambitions with clean energy solutions:     

  • Installing 30 - 40 GW of renewable energy
  • Supplying up to 1.2 MPTA of clean hydrogen
  • Capturing over 10% market share of public charge points and Vehicle-as-a-Service in key markets in Asia Pacific

How can Gentari contribute towards a clean energy transformation?

We're expanding globally through key partnerships, uniting with diverse allies for a cleaner tomorrow. Our local and international partnerships and collaborations harness shared strengths, fostering synergies and making a lasting impact.

What we do

We deliver clean energy solutions to help customers achieve their net zero ambitions

We empower customers and partners in their decarbonisation efforts to help them achieve their net zero goals and ambitions by offering clean energy solutions across the electron value chain that can seamlessly integrate with each other.

With renewable energy, hydrogen, and green mobility solutions, Gentari targets high-emission sectors and industries, scaling sustainability impact.

Solar Icon: Clean Energy Emblem with Sun & Panel for Gentari's Renewable Energy Mission
Renewable Energy

At Gentari, we aim to lead the charge as the next-generation Commercial and Industrial (C&I) and utility-scale developer, accelerating the adoption of sustainable renewable energy

H2 Symbol: Leading Clean Hydrogen Producer for Industrial, Power, and Transportation Sectors

We are on a global journey to become the leading scale producer and industry ally for clean hydrogen production across the industrial, power, and transportation sectors

Green Mobility Icon: Accelerating Asia Pacific's Shift to Sustainable Solutions with Gentari
Green Mobility

Gentari aims to be Asia Pacific’s preferred green mobility solutions partner, accelerating the driver’s shift to sustainable solutions

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Our values

What we stand for

At Gentari, we are dedicated to focus on the specific needs of each business and deliver the right cleaner energy solutions to help every organisation achieve their goals through our best practices.

Client-Focused Icon: Gentari's Dedication to Resolving Pain Points & Meeting Needs
Customer Centric

Obsessing over our customers’ pain points and solving their needs

Ethical Energy Icon: Combining Commercial Viability, Justice, Sustainability in Gentari's Approach
Socially Responsible

Having a strong sense of  commercially viable, just, and sustainable energy

Action-Oriented Icon: Gentari's Mission Delivered with Urgency and Agility for Tangible Impact
Focused on Action

Delivering our mission tangibly with a sense of urgency and agility

Innovative Icon: Gentari's Continuous Pursuit of New Ideas and Thinking for Progress

Constantly on the lookout for new ideas and new ways of thinking

Collaborative Icon: Harnessing Partnership Power for Gentari's Collective Success

Embracing the power of partnerships