We focus on delivering clean energy solutions to help customers achieve their net zero ambition

Integrated value chain

Integrated clean energy solutions

Gentari drives decarbonisation with integrated solutions in renewables, hydrogen and mobility, seamlessly blending technologies like solar and EV charging to meet diverse needs, align with climate goals, and transform sustainability practices for a greener future.

Illustration of solar panel and wind turbine producing renewable energy
Renewable Energy
Clean electricity is generated from renewable energy sources like the sun and wind
Illustration of a hydrogen tank for green energy storage
The clean electricity generated is also used to split water into oxygen and hydrogen molecules to produce green hydrogen
Illustration of an electric vehicle (EV) and EV charging station
Green Mobility
Hydrogen and renewable energy can be used to power cities, transportation and so much more

Business portfolio

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources: solar farm and wind turbineimage

Gentari champions renewable energy, harnessing wind, solar and storage solutions to cut carbon emissions and combat climate change. Our focus on industrial growth and energy transition positions us as leading developers in the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) and utility-scale sectors. Committed to climate goals, we're accelerating sustainable energy adoption, driving us toward a clean energy future.

Solar power

At Gentari, we provide clean, reliable power to commercial, industrial and retail customers. From rooftop systems to expansive solar farms in various sites and locations throughout Malaysia, India (via Amplus Solar), and Australia (through Gentari Solar Australia), our solutions are designed for sustainability and accessibility.

Wind power

Wind energy is pivotal in the global energy transition, with a 9% growth to 906 GW in 2022, asper the Global Wind Energy Council 2023 report. Gentari accelerates this momentum, launching multiple projects and forging strategic partnerships worldwide. Our diverse portfolio of wind solutions underscores our commitment to cleaner, sustainable power for today's and tomorrow's energy needs.

Battery Energy Storage Solution (BESS)

As the electricity sector evolves with unparalleled challenges, Gentari's battery energy storage solutions emerge as a critical response. With the growing need for storage alongside renewable energy expansion, our batteries offer rapid, competitive and scalable support for grid balance and security, unlocking new possibilities for our customers.

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Hydrogen plant: Clean energy production facility

Gentari's hydrogen initiatives are transforming sectors like transport and steel with clean, renewable-sourced hydrogen. At Gentari, we're driving partnerships and acquisitions to master the supply chain, aiming for net zero in hard-to-abate industries. Our collaborative approach positions us at the forefront of the sustainable power shift, marking us as a global leader in clean hydrogen energy.

Industrial decarbonisation

Gentari is committed to tackle emissions in tough arenas such as steel, chemicals, aviation and shipping, using hydrogen generated through electrolysis. Alongside strong, established partners, Gentari is advancing hydrogen projects to transform energy in hard-to-abate industries, steering the world towards a sustainable, carbon-neutral future

Clean power production

A key player in clean power production, hydrogen, is reshaping clean energy with its ability to store and generate zero-emission power via fuel cells and clean combustion. Integrating seamlessly with renewables to produce hydrogen, its use across various sectors bolsters energy system flexibility, positioning hydrogen as a key enabler of a sustainable, low-carbon future.

Heavy duty transportation

Hydrogen is transforming heavy-duty transport by powering electric motors in trucks, buses and trains through fuel cells, offering a clean, high-efficiency alternative to diesel. With advantages like longer ranges, quick refuelling and high energy density, hydrogen is key for long-haul and public transport, supported by growing infrastructure and global decarbonisation efforts.

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Green Mobility

EV charging station: Powering sustainable transportation

Gentari is at the forefront of Asia Pacific's transition towards green mobility, actively broadening the network of charging stations and pioneering Vehicle-as-a-Service (VaaS) fleets. Our commitment is to revolutionise sustainable transportation, making it accessible and efficient for all.

Charging points

Gentari is accelerating the shift to sustainable transport by building a vast network of charging stations, addressing range anxiety and promoting fast, accessible charging. Integrating renewable energy and fostering partnerships, Gentari's efforts ensure that EV charging is convenient and paving the way for a cleaner, greener future in mobility.

Fleet solutions

Gentari's Vehicle-as-a-Service (VaaS) aids the shift to green mobility for businesses by offering a suite of services including electric vehicle (EV) leasing, maintenance and charging. Tailored solutions, technology integration and support for infrastructure development ensure a seamless transition, promoting sustainable practices and scalable adoption for a cleaner future.

Value added services

Gentari is propelling sustainable transportation with its Green Mobility services, offering partners co-branded charging locations and marketing support and enriching customer experiences with a comprehensive EV app, tailored subscription plans and an expansive roaming network. These initiatives streamline EV usage, making sustainable travel accessible and appealing.

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