Pioneering the future of sustainable power

Renewable Energy solutions

Harnessing the power of renewable resources

Gentari adopts a comprehensive strategy, partnering with like-minded organizations to advance sustainable solutions.

As a prominent player in renewable energy with a solid presence in India, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia, we're dedicated to fostering sustainable development and transformative change.

2.9 GW
global renewable energy capacity (installed and in construction)
1.9+ GW
capacity in India (installed and in construction)
422 MW
capacity in Australia (installed and under construction)
100+ MW
capacity in Malaysia (installed and in construction)
Thinking bulb illustration: Solar panels last 25+ years, first made in 1954, and are recyclable
Did you know?

  • Solar panels can last over 25 years, some since 1970s
  • First practical solar cell developed in 1954 at Bell Labs
  • Solar panels are recyclable, enhancing sustainability