Driving the transition to sustainable transportation

Green Mobility solutions

Leaders in sustainable transportation

Gentari aims to be Asia Pacific’s top green mobility solutions partner, driving the transition to sustainable transportation for both individuals and businesses.

Charging points

Gentari is accelerating the shift to sustainable transport by building a vast network of charging stations, addressing range anxiety and promoting fast, accessible charging. Integrating renewable energy and fostering partnerships, Gentari's efforts ensure that EV charging is convenient and paving the way for a cleaner, greener future in mobility.

Fleet solutions

Gentari's Vehicle-as-a-Service (VaaS) aids the shift to green mobility for businesses by offering a suite of services including electric vehicle (EV) leasing, maintenance and charging. Tailored solutions, technology integration and support for infrastructure development ensure a seamless transition, promoting sustainable practices and scalable adoption for a cleaner future.

Value added services

Gentari is propelling sustainable transportation with its Green Mobility services, offering partners co-branded charging locations and marketing support and enriching customer experiences with a comprehensive EV app, tailored subscription plans and an expansive roaming network. These initiatives streamline EV usage, making sustainable travel accessible and appealing.

global electric vehicle charging points
total EVs deployed under VaaS
No. 1
charging point operator in Malaysia
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Thinking bulb: Did you know? EVs emit zero tailpipe emissions, charge at home, and use regenerative braking to extend battery life
Did you know?

  • EVs have zero tailpipe emissions
  • EVs can be charged at home
  • 'Regenerative' braking extends EV battery life