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Naza Automotive Holdings sets stage for entry of EV through collaboration with Gentari to provide green mobility infrastructure

Published 18 April 2024

PETALING JAYA, 18 April 2024 – Naza Automotive Holdings Sdn Bhd (NAZA Auto), a leading player in Malaysia’s automotive industry, recently formalised its collaboration with Gentari Green Mobility Sdn Bhd (Gentari), the wholly-owned subsidiary of Gentari Sdn Bhd, a clean energy solutions company. This strategic partnership sets the stage for NAZA Auto’s readiness to become a formidable player in the Electric Vehicle (EV) space, while simultaneously propelling Malaysia towards a future deeply rooted in sustainable electric mobility.

In this momentous move, NAZA Auto and Gentari joined forces to create an all-encompassing electric mobility ecosystem, laying the groundwork towards revolutionising the EV landscape and redefining the trajectory of EV adoption in Malaysia.

This partnership is set to empower all EV users with nationwide access to a network of charging stations, reflecting a pivotal shift towards embracing electric vehicles as a cornerstone of Malaysia’s transportation landscape. The comprehensive approach of NAZA Auto and Gentari underscores their commitment to playing a leading role in steering the nation towards an electrified future.

NAZA Group’s Executive Chairman SM Nasarudin SM Nasimuddin shared, “This partnership with Gentari is not only a testament to our dedication to sustainability but also a bold step towards accelerating Malaysia’s EV journey. It aligns seamlessly with the Government’s vision of transitioning to a greener economy by 2050. Our collaboration with Gentari underlines our commitment to ensuring a thriving ecosystem for EVs, one where accessibility meets environmental responsibility. The deployment of EV-charging infrastructure bears witness to the synergy between NAZA and Gentari, reaching not only our tenants and communities but ultimately, every EV enthusiast nationwide.”

According to Shah Yang Razalli, Deputy CEO of Gentari and CEO of Gentari Green Mobility, “At Gentari, our partnership with NAZA Group goes beyond installing EV charging points. By leveraging NAZA Group’s expansive business operations and Gentari’s innovative solutions, we are committed to creating a safe and reliable charging infrastructure across Malaysia that will instil confidence among all electric vehicle users. Through this collaboration, we empower individuals and businesses to embrace sustainable transportation and pave the way towards a more sustainable and connected future.”

Gentari is poised to initiate the deployment of EV charging infrastructure across a spectrum of properties owned by NAZA Group, ensuring nation-spanning accessibility for EV users. The phased rollout of this robust infrastructure commenced in August last year, with the first installation at NAZA Tower, Platinum Park KLCC and more recently at NAZA Automall in Petaling Jaya.

Meanwhile, at the Group level, NAZA’s commitment to sustainability extends to its ongoing projects. With strategic deployment plans in place, NAZA’s property division is exploring the integration of charging points at key developments like KL Metropolis in Mont Kiara and TTDI Sentralis in Section 13, Shah Alam. This forward-thinking approach will further solidify NAZA’s position as an exemplary partner to the EV brand that the company will represent in Malaysia. This move will also showcase NAZA’s role in supporting the Government’s National Energy Transition Roadmap (NETR) initiative to make available 10,000 EV charging stations on highways and at commercial buildings by 2025.

At the same time, NAZA Auto’s unwavering commitment to provide top-tier solutions for electric mobility aligns seamlessly with Gentari’s vision to build a robust charging infrastructure network towards supporting the Nation’s transition to electric vehicles. Together, the parties present an enticing proposition to the EV principal that NAZA Auto will be representing, showcasing the Malaysian market’s readiness for electrification.

This exceptional partnership is rooted in a shared dedication to sustainability, innovation and seamless user experiences. By offering comprehensive EV charging solutions, Gentari supports NAZA Auto’s commitment to embrace electric mobility throughout its diverse portfolio. From properties to assets, NAZA Group is opening up its extensive network to accommodate a seamless charging experience, to ensure its potential EV customers and all EV users will have unparalleled access to charging stations across Malaysia.

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