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Nov 30, 2022

Gentari and EVC Launch Southeast Asia’s First 350kW Public EV Charger

X Park is the first EV charging hub in Malaysia to offer kilowatt-hour (kWh) based pricing

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – 30 November 2022 – Clean energy solutions provider Gentari Sdn Bhd (Gentari), a subsidiary of PETRONAS, has launched Southeast Asia’s first operational 350kW Public Charger for electric vehicles (EV) at X Park Sunway Serene located in the Sungai Way Free Trade Industrial Zone, Selangor, today. 

The EV charging hub, rolled out by Gentari in partnership with EV Connection Sdn Bhd (EVC), comprises one 350kW super charger – the fastest public charger in Southeast Asia, as well as two DC fast chargers and five AC chargers. 

X Park is also the first EV charging hub in Malaysia to be licensed by the Energy Commission (EC), which ensures the safety of the facility’s structure and operations with an aim to improve confidence in Malaysia’s EV charging ecosystem. Gentari and EVC’s upcoming charging hub currently under construction at the Bangi Golf Resort also received a license from the EC. 

Shah Yang Razalli, Gentari’s Chief Green Mobility Officer, commented, “Gentari’s new high-speed charging hub at X Park Sunway Serene is expected to contribute significantly towards supporting a viable EV ecosystem by improving range confidence for EV drivers with a focus on the urban charging experience. As the first charging system to be licensed by EC, we are pleased to support efforts to standardise and govern Malaysia’s emerging green mobility sector, towards boosting consumer confidence. Gentari is also pleased to be the first to offer an equitable kilowatt-hour (kWh) based pricing mechanism, demonstrating our team’s customer-centric mindset and pace to act.” 

Lee Yuen How, Managing Director of EVC, added, “We hope that the provision of a diverse range of affordable and accessible fast-charging infrastructure at X Park, Bangi Golf Resort and future licensed installations nationwide will help spur the EV adoption rate among Malaysians. This location in Sungai Way is well-positioned to serve residential and business EV users around Petaling Jaya who are looking for reliable and convenient charging facilities with a shorter charge time. X Park is also equipped with F&B and entertainment options offered for the convenience of drivers while they charge their EVs.” 

With the upcoming hub at the Bangi Golf Club soon to join its network, Gentari is focused on offering a mix of hubs in quick-moving high traffic areas such as X Park as well as leisure destinations such as Bangi Golf Club, to seamlessly blend EV charging with other routine activities. 

Since its introduction in June 2022, Gentari has made notable progress in providing range confidence among EV users by deploying 117 charging points across 20 locations in Malaysia and a total of 133 charging points in India. With a mission to be Asia Pacific’s preferred green mobility solutions provider, Gentari aims to capture 10% market share (circa 25,000 charging points based on current estimates) across key markets in Asia Pacific by 2030. In the mid-term, Gentari aims to install 9,000 public charging points by 2026, with an anchored presence in Malaysia and India.